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Switzerland is ideally located right in the heart of Europe and is bordered by three of its largest market economies. Our country is well-known for its long lasting stability, neutrality, political independence and highly educated workforce. All these advantages put together make Switzerland the perfect location for organizations that focus their activities on EU area.

Our company resides at Interxion™ Zürich data center - the largest of its kind in Switzerland. Interxion™ is an ultra-secure, carbon and carrier neutral location for storing and processing data in line with Swiss data protection regulations. It's hard to overestimate the importance of selecting the right location to host your business - locating in a safe harbor country right in the center of Europe is a strategic decision aimed at securing your success in the future.

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Switzerland is renowned for its strict laws and regulations on privacy and data protection that make it impossible for any third party including authorities to get access to a web hosting provider's data, unless a formal request is filed by a prosecutor, who is investigating a client in particular. At the federal level, the collection and use of personal data is regulated by the Federal Act on Data Protection. Additionally, each canton in Switzerland has a cantonal Data Protection Act in place. There's hardly any other country in the world with a matching grade of privacy protection at the political level.

Not only your data and privacy are protected by Swiss laws, but we also take weighty efforts to secure it at the infrastructure level. Our data center in Zürich is practically a fortress: 24x7 CCTV surveillance, perimeter and inner premises security patrols, multi-layered access barriers, including mantraps and biometric readers.

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Data protection in Switzerland

Why Us?

Only best products of Switzerland deserve the privilege to be awarded with the Swiss Made label. We make great efforts to see the business through the eyes of our customers, understand their expectations and needs and develop products and services that would meet or exceed the highest industry standards.

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We accept a variety of most common and convenient payment methods available to this day: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Bank Wire transfers. In addition to the conventional and widely used payment processors you can also place an order with crypto and digital currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Nextcoin, Perfect Money, QIWI and WebMoney. In order to protect your privacy we accept said currencies directly, with no proxy payment service involved.

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Offshore Hosting 101: Why Switzerland is the Ideal Location
Dec 03, 2018

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Black Friday Sale - Get 50% off first month
Nov 22, 2018

Black Friday Sale - Get 50% off first month

The biggest sale of the year is now live and we are happy to announce a 50% first month payment discount on all products and services that we offer! To get 50% off your first month payment redeem the code BLACKSALE during checkout. This code is valid for any order of 50 CHF in value or over and is redeemable till 28th of November.

Contact our dedicated and professional support team if you have any questions about our products, sale terms, billing or need any assistance. We are always ready to help through the live chat widget and support tickets 24/7/365.

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