The Advantages of Hosting Your Data in Switzerland
Mar 14, 2018

The Advantages of Hosting Your Data in Switzerland

During the last couple of years, there have been increasing concerns related to how secure web-based hosting for websites really is. The worries mostly pertain to the rising anti-privacy laws appearing in the United States, where some of the world’s top web hosting companies operate. Security has become extremely important for website owners, who want to protect their own data, such as applications, databases and internal operation protocols, but who are also keen on protecting private customer data and information.

With this aspect in mind, for many website owners, the United States is no longer a viable solution for their web hosting needs, as website and customer security can no longer be guaranteed. In return, webmasters throughout the world have to think outside the box, and consider webhosting providers in countries, with more lenient regulation.

Why Host in Switzerland?

One solution would be Switzerland, which is well-known for its Federal Act on Data Protection, hence making it difficult for authorities to snoop on hosting data and activity, unless a formal request is filed by a prosecutor, who is investigating a client in particular. The country’s data protection laws reach even further, especially for international customers, who no longer have to deal with difficult national regulation, and only have to rely on respecting the Swiss laws for web hosting.

Additionally, Switzerland is a safe country in general, and is well-known for its political stability, left uninvolved in the world’s ongoing governmental drama. While some of the prices may be higher when compared in other regions of the world, webhosting security can be guaranteed from a governmental standpoint. Additionally, hosting companies within the country have newer infrastructure, and constantly update their security protocols, in order to avoid being hacked.

Apart from this aspect, the country’s data protection laws are compliant with the laws available at the European Union level. Because of this, the sign up process for web hosting is extremely easy. The language barrier is also not an issue, as most webhosting providers offer English support – additionally, Italian, German and French are all official languages, therefore customers can also communicate this way.

Because of these benefits, more and more high-value companies have begun hosting their data in the country. A few relevant examples in this direction include Swift, and Yahoo.

Switzerland’s Future Webhosting Evolution

One of the country’s ambitions, is to become a safe haven for the storage of both digital and physical data, for both internal and international companies and individuals. Because of this, the country is actively boosting its current services, and is basing its evolution on a data-driven economy. Some of the evolving benefits associated with webhosting in Switzerland include:

Actively Safe Guarding the Hosting Economy

Currently, there are numerous associations and companies involved with protecting data privacy. For instance, members of the Vigiswiss association have all signed a charter meant to help guarantee a high level of security for their customers, and to avoid hosting illegal data. In case a problem appears, these data centers have promised to offer their clients a pertinent solution within 24 hours. Members are also independently audited to ensure the highest standards are being respected.

Great Work Discipline and Storage Ethics

Web hosting providers in Switzerland are rapidly improving their work discipline and ethics. Additionally, investments are actively being made to make sure that the newest and safest infrastructure is available to clients. Additionally, many data centers have undisclosed locations, which are actively being guarded physically, hence making sure that data is immune from digital and physical attacks, alongside natural events.

Military-grade Webhosting Security

An interesting fact is that private companies are not the only ones involved in the evolution of webhosting throughout the country. Swiss Army has been converting some of its bunkers into private data centers for several years, and it will continue to do so. For instance, since its conversion a while ago, the Attinghausen bunker located in the Uri canton, has managed to become one of the biggest data storage centers for private data in the country – at this time, Swiss and foreign businesses make up around 30% of its clientele.

A Large Economic Area Being Dedicated to IT Hosting

At this time, the country has a total of 62 shared data centers, used by a couple of companies. In total, there are more than 150,000 square meters dedicated to web hosting, which is a 63% increase in the area being covered by data centers since the year of 2011.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, thanks to its great data protection laws, and increasing demand for web hosting services, Switzerland represents one of the world’s best countries for web hosting and data storage purposes. Thanks to the increasing investments made in this direction, the future holds even higher potential for web hosting companies operating in the country, which will soon be able to provide customers with even better, and more secure services.

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