Web Hosting for Political Activists and Opposition Websites
Jun 22, 2019

Web Hosting for Political Activists and Opposition Websites

At this moment in time, many of the world’s countries have a deep respect for human rights, and breaches of the United Nation’s Convention are quite rare. Regardless, events that took place during the last couple of years prove that not all human rights are respected equally.

Trends showcase that oppressive regimes throughout the world constantly censor the internet activity of citizens, while also exercising their control on the press. This leads to constant misinformation, alongside the inability of citizens to learn more about what’s really happening within their country, or in some cases, in other regions of the world as well. Generally, oppressive regimes actively target freedom of speech, and press freedom, both of which are regarded as inalienable human rights.

The censorship is mostly focused on news outlets which publish pieces that are not in accordance with the government’s political and social agendas. Activists are equally affected by this practice, since their entire purpose is to spread ideas, demand changes and increase awareness of the general population. Overall quality of life is also affected by these events, since failure to discuss a controversial topic means that the issue in question will remain prevalent in the future as well.

As such, to make the world a better place, independent news outlets and activists must have access to superior privacy protection and anonymity while browsing and posting on the internet.

A hosting solution for activists and news outlets

For years, Switzerland has been regarded as one of the countries with the best data protection laws. Censorship is highly-limited, and any attempt to dissuade the freedom of press is usually met with vast amounts of criticism from the public. Due to the decreasing popularity of newspapers, numerous digital media outlets have appeared in the European country. Most of these outlets comprise of well-experienced journalists that aim to provide readers with pieces that are accurate, uncensored and detailed. While there are still some transparency issues in the public relationship with the government, none of these websites have been censored. An attempt to do so would likely provoke mass public outrage, thus making it extremely unlikely.

This makes it the perfect location to host activism and independent news outlets from. Additionally, in a report published by the Freedom House, Switzerland’s aggregate freedom score was analysed. At this moment, it is considered to be one of, if not the best region for freedom rating, political rights and civil liberties.

A superior hosting infrastructure

Apart from providing regulatory support for activism websites, Switzerland also has a superior hosting infrastructure, backed by numerous high-quality data centres. The laws forbid any tinkering with the data stored on these servers, therefore, unless websites are posting highly-illegal content, hosts will keep the websites up and running at all times.

Swiss data and hosting centres leverage high-quality and secure hardware that fulfils all industry standards. In other words, if an oppressive regime on the other side of the globe attempts to target an activism website hosted in Switzerland, their attempt will most likely be unsuccessful.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, it is essential for activists and independent journalists throughout the world, to make sure that their content is stored and hosted by secure, tamper-proof data centres, located in regions which offer superior data protection laws. So far, Switzerland is certainly one of the best choices for this purpose and should you be looking a privacy-focused and secure dedicated server or VPS hosting, please do not hesitate to contact team of Swiss Made Host for a solution.

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