A  New Control Panel Interface and a Truly Epic Server
Jul 14, 2021

A New Control Panel Interface and a Truly Epic Server

Swiss Made Host has some great news for you this hot summer day! First of all, we are extremely happy to introduce the new control panel interface to our clients. We've been developing it with the latest industry standards in mind and hope that you'll love it as much as we do. It contains numerous improvements to both user interface and usability, as well as new features that the previous version of account control panel was lacking, e.g. customer reviews and theme switch. You can login to the new control panel here.

Secondly, we've recently added a new dedicated server configuration to our inventory that's nicknamed Epic for a really good reason. It has two AMD EPYC 7742 with 64 cores each, 1 TB of RAM and 24 NVME SSDs @ 16 TBs, totalling at near 400 TBs of SSD storage capacity. Even though being the most expenisve server in our line-up at the moment, this extremely powerful machine was made to crush any task it is thrown at and will definitely come in handy for many of our clients.

Please stay tunned for further updates, more news coming soon!

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