How Switzerland Has Become an Obvious Choice for Secure Hosting
Sep 22, 2020

How Switzerland Has Become an Obvious Choice for Secure Hosting

More and more companies are realizing the importance of storing their data in the right location. Over recent years, many stories about corporate and political data breaches have hit the headlines. Cyber threats and surveillance are just two reasons why companies are thinking carefully about where to store their data. There's a number of countries that are considered a safe haven when it comes to secure storage and processing of data, and Switzerland is an obvious choice for many.

Rising data demands

Studies say that the amount of data stored around the world is doubling each year. One of the big-name brands that have taken advantage of Switzerland’s data hosting potential is Microsoft. The company launched the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland in 2019 and has seen demand for its Azure and Microsoft 365 increase considerably over recent months. The initiative has helped large companies, start-ups, SMEs and public sector organisations to gain better cloud access.

Robust data protection in Switzerland

Switzerland has an outstanding reputation when it comes to safe, secure and efficient data storage. The country has become one of the most popular locations for companies abroad looking for secure data storage facilities, thanks to stringent Swiss data secrecy laws. Switzerland ranks among top three countries in the Cushman & Wakefield 2016 Data Centre Risk Index, which takes connectivity, political risk, energy security and natural disasters into account.

Physical data security

Swiss data centres tend to have highly robust security measures in place. A former command centre in Attinghausen is now one of Switzerland’s biggest data storage facilities. It is located underneath 1500m of mountain and its GPS location is being deliberately kept secret, rendering is virtually impossible for an unauthorized person to access. Swiss data centres also tend to offer the highest standard of encryption, making it even harder for your information to fall in the wrong hands.

Robust legislation and privacy protection

Switzerland has an outstanding reputation when it comes to protecting state, company and individual data. The Swiss Data Protection Act and the Ordinance to the Swiss FDPA prevent personal and corporate data from any government surveillance legally held in Swiss data centres without authorisation, regardless of whether the data is stored digitally or physically.

This means judges cannot restrict or obtain access to data unless strong evidence of criminal activity is available. The country’s privacy laws are also widely regarded as some of the strictest in the world. Switzerland is famed for its fundamental principles of neutrality and independence, making it an attractive location for some of the world’s most illustrious brands' headquarters.

The Internet Backbone of Europe

The Zurich-Milan connection is known as the “Internet Backbone of Europe”. This means access to data is as fast as it is secure. The backbone delivers low latency access through both international and domestic carriers. Over the years, Switzerland has made considerable investment in the data-driven economy. This has led to it becoming an increasingly popular choice for companies based in the country and thousands of miles away. The Digital Switzerland strategy has been in place for several years and was designed to ensure the country gained a prominent position in the global digital industry.

Eco-friendly storage

The country is also well-known for its approach to renewable electricity. When we consider the amount of energy needed to sustain operation of data centers that never stop running, it’s no wonder that so much attention is paid to minimizing the carbon footprint. Around 60% of the country’s electricity is sourced from hydropower. This means companies that move their data to Switzerland can also reduce their carbon footprint as part of their strategy.

Swiss Made Hosting

Switzerland has some of the world’s highest security and strictest data protection policies in place, making unauthorized data access impossible. As it is located in the center of Europe, the country has exceptional connectivity to some of the highest-profile regions in the world. The country has become particularly attractive to prestigious companies and organisations due to its fundamental principles of neutrality, independence, freedom of speech and freedom of press.

If you are looking for a secure and privacy-respecting company to entrust your online property to, Swiss-based dedicated server providers have proved to be an unbreachable vault where you can store your data with peace of mind.

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