CDN Content Delivery Network

Speed up content delivery to up to 4 times

Content Delivery Network

CDN consists of multiple servers strategically placed across the globe, that are often referred to as Points of Presence (PoPs). Each PoP has an up to date copy of your website's static content that you choose to be distributed across the CDN network. The main objective of CDN is to reduce time of content delivery to each particular user by serving it through the most efficient route. When a user visits your website, CDN determines a PoP to serve content based on factors such as proximity to user, network speed, latency and PoP's availability. CDN has proven to speed up content delivery to up to 4 times in comparison to serving content from a single server.

PoPs in North America

0.05 CHF

per 1 GB of bandwidth
  • 0.06 USD per 1 GB
  • 0.05 EUR per 1 GB

PoPs in Europe

0.06 CHF

per 1 GB of bandwidth
  • 0.07 USD per 1 GB
  • 0.06 EUR per 1 GB

PoPs in South America

0.07 CHF

per 1 GB of bandwidth
  • 0.08 USD per 1 GB
  • 0.06 EUR per 1 GB

PoPs in Asia

0.19 CHF

per 1 GB of bandwidth
  • 0.21 USD per 1 GB
  • 0.18 EUR per 1 GB

Still not sure if your business can benefit from CDN?

Sign up for a free-of-charge 50 GBps CDN trial package and experience for yourself the higher site's load speed and numerous other improvements for your server infrastructure that Content Delivery Network can provide.
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Core Points of Presence

Australia Sydney
Belgium Brussels
Brazil Sao paulo
Canada Montreal
China Hong kong
Czech Republic Prague
Denmark Copenhagen
Finland Helsinki
France Villeurbanne
Germany Berlin
Hungary Budapest
India Pune
Indonesia Bekasi
Ireland Dublin
Japan Tokyo
Kazakhstan Shakhtinsk
Malaysia Cyberjaya
Netherlands Amsterdam
New Zealand Palmerston north
Poland Gdansk, Warsaw
Portugal Lisbon
Russia Saint petersburg, Moscow
Singapore Singapore
Spain Barcelona
Sweden Goteborg
Switzerland Zurich
Thailand Bangkok
Ukraine Kiev
United Kingdom Maidenhead
USA Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Washington, Los angeles

Payment Methods

We accept a variety of most common and convenient payment methods available to this day: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Bank Wire transfers. In addition to the conventional and widely used payment processors you can also place an order with crypto and digital currencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Nextcoin, Tether, Perfect Money, QIWI, WebMoney and over 50 Altcoins via CoinGate. However, please be advised that sending crypto payments directly (without any proxy payment service involved) is recommended privacy-wise.

Payment methods
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