Data Protection in Switzerland

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State Level

Switzerland is renowned for its strict laws and regulations on privacy and data protection that make it impossible for any third party including authorities to get access to a web hosting provider's data, unless a formal request is filed by a prosecutor, who is investigating a client in particular. There's hardly any other country in the world with a matching grade of privacy protection at the political level.

Policy Level

Security, privacy, excellence and responsibility are the cornerstones of our company's philosophy. We are deeply convinced that every our client has the fundamental and unbreachable right of privacy. SwissMade.Host is bound by strict privacy, confidentiality and data protection policies to make sure that our services are provided in accordance with Swiss federal law and core principles of our company.

Infrastructure Level

Not only your data and privacy are protected by Swiss laws, but we also take weighty efforts to secure it at the infrastructure level. Our data center in Zürich is practically a fortress: 24x7 CCTV surveillance, perimeter and inner premises security patrols, multi-layered access barriers, including mantraps and biometric readers. Take a tour to learn more about our data center in Zürich.

235.1 Federal Act of 19 June 1992 on Data Protection

At the federal level, the collection and use of personal data is regulated by the Federal Act on Data Protection.
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170.4 Canton of Zürich’s Act on Information and Data Protection

At the Canton level, the collection and use of personal data is regulated by Act on Information and Data Protection of Canton of Zürich.
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