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Overview of the vCloud Director control panel interface

1. Entering into the Cloud you will first find the Home section. Quick access panel is available there for main functions of vCloud Director.:

  • deployment of new vApp with virtual machines
  • adding vApp from a template from the catalog
  • importing of vApp from external sources

All of your vApp are shown there with their status and main functions indicated (power on, power off, “freeze”) .

2. In My Cloud section you can see existing containers (vApps), virtual machines (VM's), expired items (Expired Items), logs (Logs). There you may manage and configure listed above items.

3. In Catalogs section you may watch through your public catalogs, vApp templates and VM's, discs images.

4. In Administration section your data center is shown (Virtual Datacenters) together with related networks and resources, configuration settings of the data center. Users information (Users) is available there: adding new and managing permissions of existing users.

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