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Key elements of the vCloud Director

Virtual Data Center (VDC) is the sum of your cloud resources (virtual CPU's, RAM, HDD, network and etc.) that are available for one account. Inside this environment you will be able to create virtual machines, containers, networks and etc. You may increase its size according to your needs by buying additional necessary resources (CPU, RAM or HDD).

vApp is a container where virtual machines are located. It can be created either empty or immediately with virtual machines. Due to containers a group of virtual machines can be managed as a single unit. This is useful for a big virtual infrastructure. vApp allows to create templates. This feature will save your time if you need to create periodically typical groups of virtual machines. vCloud Director allows to create separate network on vApp level. This will provide additional isolation between two vApp. vApp can be used for grouping of virtual machines from one business application.

Virtual machines (VM) can be created from templates from the catalog either with OS installed or “clean”. On a “clean” VM you may then install an OS from your own template or image.

Catalogs are directories where you can keep templates of vApp, virtual machines and media files.

Organization VDC Networks is a network of your Data Center which is available for all vApp. Organization network can be either isolated (no Internet access) or routed (with Internet access).

Besides of organization network which is available for all vApp you may create network on vApp level. This network will be available for communication only between virtual machines inside certain vApp. For virtual machines from other vApp it will be unavailable. vApp level network can be connected to the organization network allowing this vApp to interact with other vApp of the organization or with external nodes.

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