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How to create organization network

This network can be chosen for all created vApp and virtual machines. You can create isolated network (no Internet access) or routed network (with Internet access).

1. Enter Administration section. Double-click on your virtual datacenter.

2. Go to Org VDC Networks tab on the horizontal panel ans click on the green +.

3. In the appeared window choose the network type either isolated network (no Internet access) or routed network (with Internet access). Choose there Edge Gateway.

Edge Gateway is a multipurpose product for protection of your data center network perimeter. It includes such services as Firewall, VPN, DHCP, NAT.

Click Next.

4. Fill in network settings in the tab Configure Network:

Gateway address – for example;

Network mask- for example;

Use Gateway DNS – use Edge Gateway as primary DNS server;

Primary DNS - primary DNS address by default is the same as the gateway address in this network if Use Gateway DNS option is selected. For example;

Secondary DNS - secondary DNS address,, for example.

In the field Static IPpool enter the address range which will be assigned automatically to your virtual machines. It should be entered in the following format: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx- yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy. xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx- is the first address in the range and yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy- the last IP address of the range. For example, –

Click Next.

5. In the tab Name and Description assign name and add description for your network.

6. Check all settings and click Finish.

7. In the tab Org VDC Networks you will see created network.

Then you will have to configure NAT (NAT setup) and Firewall (Firewall setup).

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