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Setting up Firewall

1. Enter Administration section. Double-click on your virtual datacenter (Cloud Resources - Virtual Datacenters). Choose Edge Gateways tab abd right-click on needed Edge Gateway. In the appeared menu choose Edge Gateway Services option.

2. I the appeared window Configure Services go to Firewall tab. By default the Firewall blocks all traffic because option Deny is chosen in Default action. Rules must be configured in order to avoid this.

3. Click on Add button to add a new rule. In the new window set parameters of this rule:

In the field Name set new rules. Internet for example;

In the field Source enter necessary source addresses: single IP address, IP adrdesses range, CIDR or key variables:

  • Internal – all internal networks
  • External - all external networks
  • Any - all networks
Let's enter Internal, for example.

В поле Source Port выберите порт источника. Можно указать один порт, диапазон портов или указать все порты с помощью ключевой переменной "Any"; In the field Source Port source port. A single port, range of ports or all ports (use “Any” variable) can be set;

In the field Destination set destination address. The formate is the same as for the Source field. External, for example;

In the field Destination Port choose destination port. The port can be configured manually. You may leave “Any”;

In the field Protocol choose the needed protocol or any protocol (“Any” variable);

In the field Action choose the needed value (allow, deny). Click ОК.

Important: if you choose in the Firewall “Allow” option then you have to set parameters for sessions which must be blocked. For this you have to choose Deny option in the rule window. If you choose Deny option then set parameters for sessions that must be allowed by the Firewall.

Examples of rules:

Rule for the Firewall Test1 allows Internet access for all protocols.

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