How to create new vApp

New container can be created empty, with template of virtual machine with OS installed or with clean VM without OS.

1. In My Cloud section inside vApps tab click on the star sign (Build new vApp).

2. Set name of vApp inside the new window. If necessary, in the section Leases a time can be set when virtual machines inside that container will be automatically powered off (Runtime Lease) and a term after which virtual machines of that vApp will be “frozen” (Storage Lease) and listed in the tab Expired Items. Term indicated in the Storage Lease starts after the end of term indicated in Runtime Lease. Click on Next.

3. Inside Add Virtual Machines tab you can:

4. Example of empty vApp container creation. In the tab Add Virtual Machines go through all the steps clicking on Next.

5. After clicking on Finish an empty vApp container will appear in the list of your vApp.

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