How to create vApp template

vApp template allows to deploy rapidly necessary number of virtual machines in one operation. If you need to create often similar groups of virtual machines (vApp) then create a template on the base of that vApp.

1. In My Cloud section inside vApps tab choose the vApp on which base you will create the template.

It is unnecessary to turn off vApp (Stop) for this operation. But it must be stopped (Stopped) if you want to make changes into virtual machines inside that vApp during the process of template creation.

Important: you cannot make any changes with initial vApp and machines inside it before operation has been finished.

2. Select needed vApp, click on it with the right button and in drop-out menu choose Add to Catalog option.

3. Inside appeared window choose needed catalog from drop-down list. Change its name and add description if needed. Click on OK.

4. After that vApp template will be shown in the corresponding catalog.

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